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Cake Stands


Beautifully handmade robust slate engraved cake & food presentation stands Size
Top Tier 25x12
Mid Tier 30x20
Bottom Tier 35x25
Each tier is individually cut to a specific size, treated and each drilled with holes, ready for the 4 hand cut solid threaded rods that will stabilise the stand with washers locking nuts and protective feet on the underside, with then a choice 2 solid robust bar handles in chrome or brushed chrome at the topside. Layered in between and also supporting each tier are 4, 12 in total per stand, individually hand cut to specific size aluminium sleeves to protect the steel threaded rod and stabilise the tiers, with a steel ring top and bottom of each sleeve to keep in place and finish the look of the pillars 24 in total.
Before final assembly, we then engrave them with your choice of design, could be your business logo or if it’s a gift, a personalised message to celebrate an occasion. Great for serving Afternoon Teas and buffets as food presentation stands.

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